Habits: Physical Necessities

Although it would be unhealthy to live without any of the senses, if you must live with only one sense, let that sense be Physical Sense, for without it you would not even be able to survive.

For this reason, the physical sense is the first sense that is elaborated upon in Ego Engineering, and the first priority in regards to actualization of said writing.

In it’s basic form, it refers to the provision of basic needs, including food, water, shelter (including clothing and housing), and ultimately, sex.

With the dawn of civilization, several new physical needs were added, all of which overlap with social needs: hygiene, grooming, and sometimes aesthetics.

While the basic needs do not need to be habitual, the second set, being socially motivated and thus not instinctively or intuitively knowable, must be learned by means a habits.

These social habits, which are to be applied to the physical aspect of Ego Engineering, are arranged in order of priority:


1. Wake up at 6am every morning, and go to sleep at 10pm every night.

2. Take a shower every day, at the same time each day.

3. Be sure to use soap and shampoo, and scrub everywhere.

4. Brush teeth twice a day: after the morning meal, and after the evening meal.

5. Wash hands after doing anything in the bathroom.

6. Keep your environment (workplace, bedroom, etc.) clean and organized at all times. Don’t let a day go by without cleaning and organizing these areas.

7. Wear each set of clothes, underwear, and socks for no more than a day. Make sure that all clothing is washed before wearing again.

8. Don’t touch your face for any reason.


1. Shave facial hair and comb/brush hair every day at the same time.

2. Style hair appropriately to the day’s occasion; attention to detail.

3. Wear deodorant and, when possible, lotion.

4. Dress in clothes appropriate for your environment; be sure to match.

5. Use mouthwash and wear a balanced cologne whenever going out.

6. Use skin care products to make sure that your skin is soft and blemish-free.


About Justin Benjamin

Justin Benjamin is a prolific blogger, poet, and novelist. As a philosophy and psychology enthusiast, most of his journalism is concerned with social dynamics, reality hacking, metaphysics, positive psychology, cognitive bias, psychoanalysis, and experimental psychology. His fictional writing takes a slightly darker tone, serving as a outlet to express existential angst, suppression of freewill, melancholy, and an extreme dissatisfaction with reality.
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  1. A Reader of th3g1vr since 20 Dec 06 says:

    This post makes me very happy and very proud!

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