Standard Operating Procedure

While I was in Job Corps, I spent a few weeks working as the manager of the pseudo-company “IT Portal”. My instructor Jay Bindrup, recognizing the lack of proper infrastructure for the company to operate properly, encouraged me to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to better define the operations of the company, and to serve as a reference point should operations be compromised.

At first I was not enthusiastic about the idea, as I had not created an SOP before, and was still in the dark as to what IT Portal was about in the first place. But eventually I realized that the laziness and informal state of the company made an SOP a crucial matter that needed immediate attendance, and so I worked off what little knowledge that I had to create what was to become a 15+ page long comprehensive SOP of IT Portal company operations– an employment manual of sorts.

It was from this experience that I was first inspired to envision Ego Engineering as a Standard Operating Procedure for life itself.

I had written many posts inferring such an approach, covering topics such as Habits and Priorities, but it was not until IT Portal that I realized the need for a literal “manual” for life– a step-by-step guide to being successful in life, and where you choose what it is that “success” means.

The concept that it’s possible to create a manual that can instruct anyone, regardless of their personality, interests, or goals, on how to be successful in life– just thinking about it is very exciting!

With Ego Engineering, you can become anyone you want to be– just follow the instructions, and before you know it you’re on your path to the dream life that you were so sure was impossible!

I suppose that my initial inspiration for the creating a Standard Operating Procedure was the Core10 framework. But I soon realized that for what I wanted to accomplish, the Core10 was far too abstract. But an SOP on the other hand– with this and a Core10 framework, I could do it!

I’ve said that I will become a god, and that I will become perfect. Perhaps I will, but that’s not the point.

What this is really about: I want you to. I want everyone to. I had an epiphany a while ago, and realized that everyone could become anything they want to, if only they believe. The fact that people are not being everything they can be irks me to no end!

Unfortunately, no one will take my word for it, so I have no choice to become a god– to become perfect, if I am to wake people up to the stagnancy we’ve enslaved ourselves in. To truly inspire people– that is my goal.

If we’d only be a bit more open-minded and exercise a bit more control over our lives, nothing is impossible for those who believe!


About Justin Benjamin

Justin Benjamin is a prolific blogger, poet, and novelist. As a philosophy and psychology enthusiast, most of his journalism is concerned with social dynamics, reality hacking, metaphysics, positive psychology, cognitive bias, psychoanalysis, and experimental psychology. His fictional writing takes a slightly darker tone, serving as a outlet to express existential angst, suppression of freewill, melancholy, and an extreme dissatisfaction with reality.
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2 Responses to Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Benjamin Orona says:

    Sweet Jesus, Jay Brindrup still works there? I was in Job Corps from 01-03 and he was there doing the same deal. Was an amusing teacher, learned a few things from him. Primarily: patience.

    Does he still make you folks install Windows 95 on a 386, DOS on an 8086, or has he finally given up that idea? 😉

    • NspyraishN says:

      He still makes us install Windows 95 and DOS, but not on a 386 or 8086. Now we use Pentium Pros– so a little bit faster. The hardest part was trying to setup the motherboard jumpers (the configuration instructions were confusing and at times contradictory!), and installing the USB flash drive/mass storage drivers (which didn’t officially exist, so we had to find makeshift drivers created by third-party enthusiasts, and if you didn’t do it in a very specific order, attempts to get it working would blue screen the system); finding Win95-compatible updateable antivirus and antispyware was also a bitch– ended up going with ClamWin AV and Spybot S&D.

      The most challenging project was getting Windows XP and Windows 7 to run dual-boot on a 2GB hard drive *cringes*– had to strip out most of the systems, and run an open-source live cd partitioner (Gparted), completely kill the partitioner, compress what was leftover, delete several files in the Temp, System 32, and Program Files directories– I felt like I was playing operation with the OS or something…

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