Habits: Mental Necessities

For those that are philosophically driven and open-minded like myself, it’s quite easy to lose sight of reality, and float freely in an idealistic dream world.

There is a great deal of potential in the creativity that comes with “thinking outside the box” (take Ego Engineering for example!), but to properly use it, we need some habits to remind us to come back “down to earth” regularly, so as to not “lose touch” with the “real” world:

Note: These Habits overlap with the Psychological sense, because they are based in the concept of self-affirmations, a method invoked by Self-efficacy.

1. Every day when you wake up in the morning, recite a creed that emphasizes the validity of distinguishing between the your reality and that of Other people. For example:

“I am aware of what I believe and what I know to be right. But at the same time, I recognize that Other people do not agree with my morals, ethics, beliefs, or even my perception of reality. This is a truth I must acknowledge, accept, and live my life according to– and, when appropriate, exploit for my benefit.”

2. When talking with people or reading material on the Internet, maintain a self-enforced moderation in your perception and cognitive bias of any knowledge you are exposed to.

(In other words, don’t be gullible or impulsive with data you receive)

3. Everyone normally has a filtering system for interpreting information taken in, and ensuring that data harmful or useless to oneself is either blocked or “censured out”. It’s important that you monitor your own filtering system, to make sure that your perception is filtered correctly.

Mental illness is the direct result of deficiencies or *bugs* in the data filtering systems of the brain. So if the universe is made of compressed sound, “chemical imbalances” might well be the direct result of proverbial “white noise”.

4. Remind yourself that “You are what you believe in”. For this reason, you should perceive reality according to the reality most suitable for your personal success. Remember that you can’t know anything with absolute certainty, so you’re better off believing what will make you happy (or whatever it is that you want to be!).

(Watch the movie “The Importance of Being Earnest” for a good example of this).


About Justin Benjamin

Justin Benjamin is a prolific blogger, poet, and novelist. As a philosophy and psychology enthusiast, most of his journalism is concerned with social dynamics, reality hacking, metaphysics, positive psychology, cognitive bias, psychoanalysis, and experimental psychology. His fictional writing takes a slightly darker tone, serving as a outlet to express existential angst, suppression of freewill, melancholy, and an extreme dissatisfaction with reality.
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