Engineered Satisfaction

One of my close friends, a girl I know only from online chat but who I consider to be my sister, is unhappy; she is so lacking in happiness, in fact, that she believes that someone would have to be crazy to believe they could be truly happy. She believes that for someone to find, or even to create lasting happiness– such a goal is impossible to achieve. Yet I believe that finding, or engineering such a happiness is not only possible, but achievable by anyone who wishes to attain it.

So first of all, what is “true happiness”? Is it possible to be happy 24/7? With a big Ego, lots of money and sex, a good social life, and a boundless supply of ingenuity, perhaps. But although I cannot speak for those that have such an infinite amount of happiness as this, it sounds pretty boring to me. The reason why I’m not particularly interested in the Christian concept of “heaven”, is perhaps because eternal happiness does sound pretty dull. To me, the greatest happiness is not in being in a state of incessant bliss, but in being satisfied even when you’re not happy.

The kind of happiness I’m talking about, it’s the feeling of knowing that even when you’re not happy, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to do. the feeling of everything being “right”. It’s the kind of feeling you get when you follow your heart. If you stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and do the very best you can in all of your endeavors, the true happiness that comes from complete satisfaction– it  isn’t just a possibility, it’s an inevitability!


About Justin Benjamin

Justin Benjamin is a prolific blogger, poet, and novelist. As a philosophy and psychology enthusiast, most of his journalism is concerned with social dynamics, reality hacking, metaphysics, positive psychology, cognitive bias, psychoanalysis, and experimental psychology. His fictional writing takes a slightly darker tone, serving as a outlet to express existential angst, suppression of freewill, melancholy, and an extreme dissatisfaction with reality.
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