Ego Engineering is a bleeding edge field of evolutionary psychology that is primary concerned with the continuous evolution of the Ego.

Premise: Humanity psychology has matured to the point where we are finally able to unlock our inner potential. Everyone has infinite potential as to what they can accomplish in their lives, but because few have taken to initiative to unlock that potential, most people do not live up to their inherent potential. This is due to several different reasons, but ultimately is founded into three primary reasons:

1. A lack of knowledge.

2. A lack of motivation.

3. a lack of planning.

These three aspects all correspond to the three aspects of the human self:  Id (motivation), SuperEgo (knowledge), and Ego (planning).

In this day and age, most people have enough Id and SuperEgo, but the Ego itself is severely lacking, due a lack of planning.

The primary goals of this new science are as follows:

1. The creation and implementation of a reliable, versatile, resilient, and adaptive framework for the optimization, customization, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the Ego.

2. The development of a comprehensive blueprint for the egones, or “Ego-genes”, modeled after the human genome project.

3. The evolution of the Ego Genome Project to include all egones possible, so as to present as accurate of a Egosystem as possible.

Both this “About” page and Ego Engineering itself will evolve constantly and perpetual, in accordance with the inherent ideals of the project.


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