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Justin Benjamin is a prolific blogger, poet, and novelist. As a philosophy and psychology enthusiast, most of his journalism is concerned with social dynamics, reality hacking, metaphysics, positive psychology, cognitive bias, psychoanalysis, and experimental psychology. His fictional writing takes a slightly darker tone, serving as a outlet to express existential angst, suppression of freewill, melancholy, and an extreme dissatisfaction with reality.

Framework for Success

When I initially started Ego Engineering, I had a system in mind- a sort of “one size fits all” matrix that anyone could use to engineering themselves into a person optimized for success. But as I quickly realized, “success” is, … Continue reading

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Fostering Discipline

The purpose of Ego Engineering is to create a knowledge-driven framework to optimize the self so as to realize one’s potential. But knowledge without application is dead, and I myself have admittedly failed to apply my own advice, owing largely … Continue reading

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Habits: The Beginning

The purpose of Ego Engineering, is to empower a person to modify their Ego to be optimized for their goals in life, whatever they may be. Habits are the foundation of success, and to be successful in anything requires optimizing … Continue reading

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Engineered Satisfaction

One of my close friends, a girl I know only from online chat but who I consider to be my sister, is unhappy; she is so lacking in happiness, in fact, that she believes that someone would have to be … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day

Achieving perfection via Ego Engineering relies heavily on good habits, and no type of habits are more crucial to perfection than one’s day-to-day routine. While it’s very difficult (if not impossible!) to plan out a perfect future, sticking to a … Continue reading

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Prerequisites For Success

As I haven’t posted to Ego Engineering for a while, I thought it appropriate to write a post covering the fundamental reasoning behind the Project Matthias project. Project Matthias, a sub-project of Ego Engineering with the aim of creating the … Continue reading

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Habits: Social Necessities

Social habits are probably the most essential part of Ego Engineering; unfortunately, they are also the most complex– so much in fact that it will require a separate blog to properly clarify all the different key aspects that encompass social … Continue reading

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