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Fostering Discipline

The purpose of Ego Engineering is to create a knowledge-driven framework to optimize the self so as to realize one’s potential. But knowledge without application is dead, and I myself have admittedly failed to apply my own advice, owing largely … Continue reading

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A Perfect Day

Achieving perfection via Ego Engineering relies heavily on good habits, and no type of habits are more crucial to perfection than one’s day-to-day routine. While it’s very difficult (if not impossible!) to plan out a perfect future, sticking to a … Continue reading

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Prerequisites For Success

As I haven’t posted to Ego Engineering for a while, I thought it appropriate to write a post covering the fundamental reasoning behind the Project Matthias project. Project Matthias, a sub-project of Ego Engineering with the aim of creating the … Continue reading

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Standard Operating Procedure

While I was in Job Corps, I spent a few weeks working as the manager of the pseudo-company “IT Portal”. My instructor Jay Bindrup, recognizing the lack of proper infrastructure for the company to operate properly, encouraged me to create … Continue reading

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You Have Value

In the past few years, I have done quite a bit of writing on self improvement, and have not applied hardly any of it, comparably.

If I were to apply everything that I’ve learned and written about, I would be able to do all kinds of impossible things– things that few believed were even possible.

This is because what I write about is my potential, not what I will actually do.

As a result, I’ve become nothing more than an existentialist philosopher with no value, no will to live. A person who claims to be able to solve all of the worlds problems, and help people be whatever they want to be, and do whatever they want to do. A hypocrite, one who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

This post is about the beginning of everything– the foundation. Continue reading

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