Criteria: An Overview

This page gives an overview of the criteria for Project Matthias.

For the main introduction, see Project Matthias: an overview.

As noted in the introduction, this project is so immense that the sheer criteria that form the foundation for the project would be considered a book by themselves, at least in unabridged form.

As such, I will try my best to summarize these criteria for the benefit of the readers; but even then, even outlining the criteria would be impossible to do in a single blog post– or rather, such a post would not technically qualify as a single post, as it would have been thought of and typed over several months (it will likely take a year to finish the criteria alone), and it would be a disgustingly long post at that!

In lieu of such an impractical approach, I have opted to separate the criteria between several (read: hundreds) different posts.

This is both for the reader’s benefit [ease of reading, convenience, practical application] and for my own [near-instant gratification, better-organized thoughts, focused thought].

In addition, this approach will allow for the readers (including myself) to easily search, browse through, and target specific areas of importance. By reading the material that is most relevant to your current needs, you will be able to powerfully work positive change in your life, effectively applying Ego Engineering to your life in the areas you need it most.

Project Matthias is in some ways transcendent of Ego Engineering: not only does it encompass it, but has broader and farther-reaching goals- namely, perceived perfection.

As such, the criteria of this project extends beyond the engineering of the psychological self, encompassing the engineering physical, emotional, social, mental, sexual, and mental self as well.

But please note, that this project does not extend beyond that which can be accomplished using the mind alone. This of course means that Project Matthias does not deal with any tangible methods of engineering, such as genetics, mind interfacing, nanotechnology, etc.

The criteria of Project Matthias (as implied a couple paragraphs ago) exist to actualize physical, mental, emotional, social spiritual, and psychological perfection, or more accurately, the perceived perfection of these areas.

The next several posts will provide basic criteria for these aspects, starting with the Bare Necessities, and moving more into depth as the basics are covered. Once you read and implement the basics, I suggest that you take one of the paths given and focus first on that (choosing of course the one that you most need in your life at the present time).

You are now about to begin a journey that will alter the rest of your life for the better. Remember that first and foremost, what you put in is what you’ll get out. So in light of this, I implore you to dedicate your whole being to achieving perfection through Ego Engineering.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life– make it a good one!


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