Perfection Through Conglomeration

Ego Engineering, as a project, is utterly huge in both scope and scheme, encompassing several volumes in the breadth of its literary undertaking, and even that being only the surface of the whole of its manifestation. In order to properly cover all the various aspects of Ego Engineering, I’ve developed several blogs, each of them optimized for properly covering the given subsection of the project, and all of them unified under the same creed:

You Are What You Believe In!

To properly cover all that is Ego Engineering, I have created the following blogs, all of which will be updated with content dedicated to the type of engineering encompassed, on a regular or semi-regular basis. I will also be adding additional blogs from time-to-time, as I cover more and more ground of Ego Engineering.

Ego Engineering: You Are What You Believe In!

Education Engineering: Optimizing the Acquisition, Retention, and Application of Knowledge.

Social Perfection: Mastering Your Social Self.

Phaticious Vibes: a subproject of Social Perfection, dedicated to mastering the art of phatic communication, aka “small talk”.


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